• Read The War Horse: This is the best way to understand the kind of first-person reflections our readers deserve. Check out the topics our writers address. See how they structure their stories, maintain the reader’s attention, and cite their work. Use an engaging lede—one that grabs the reader and doesn't let go—and avoid jargon. Do not assume knowledge on behalf of the reader and make sure your personality shines through your writing. 
  • Standards and Usage: The War Horse is committed to fairness and integrity and adheres to The New York Times Style Guide, with a few exceptions. All aspiring writers should read our Legal StandardsEthics Mandate, and Trauma Reporting Guidelines. Do not send us an article that has been submitted elsewhere unless you have formally withdrawn it. If you submit to The War Horse and change your mind, tell us. First-person reflections should be submitted between 800 and 1,300 words, and are compensated at a flat rate of $300. We sometimes solicit pieces longer than 2,500 words, but we do not accept unsolicited first-person submissions that fall outside the 800 to 1,300-word window. Cite your work and hyperlink whenever possible. We will NOT do your sourcing for you. Do not plagiarize. 
  • Our Process: If we accept your article, your editor will jump on a call with you to make sure you’re headed in the right direction, that you have a clear timeline for the assignment, and that you feel confident about what you’re going to write. You should expect questions and criticism aimed at improving it. This is meant to help you, so do not take it personally. During writing, editing, and revision, your editor is available to touch base while you’re working on a piece. If you feel as though you’re getting lost in the reporting and writing process, as though you’re running up against writer’s block, as though you can’t find a way around a reporting problem, reach out to your editor. We get many emails and are not always as good as we should be at responding. More contact is always better than less. 
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