development phase

Stage I: February 18, 2016

  • Having reached our goal on Kickstarter, we will begin using tax-deductible donations to enter into contracts with freelance journalists and interns, and begin hiring processes for office staff.
  • Continue submitting grant applications, developing business strategy, pursuing sponsorships and donations, and finding volunteers. 

Stage II: June 2016

  • Begin publishing every Wednesday. We'll make the toughest day of the week a little more enjoyable with thoughtful, in-depth, engaging storytelling.
  • Announce our Annual Fund, seeking additional donations to expand our staff; save for database/community development; and contract interns, freelance journalists.

Launch Phase

Stage I: Sept 11, 2016

  • Members will be able to submit pictures, videos, and written memories for those killed in action.
  • The War Horse will publish investigative journalism and long-form multimedia features about the Departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs.
  • Members may submit to the Stand To blog and to our database.
  • The Echoes Project will continue publishing multimedia features about each of the men, women, interpreters, and dogs killed during conflict since 9/11.
  • Members may submit documents and/or reports—classified, secret, public, or declassified —to The War Horse and to participate in our mission. 

Stage II: TBD

  • Members will be able to submit visual and written components for The Echoes Project's Battle Pages.
  • Long-form multimedia features on major battles will be published on The Echoes Project.

Stage III: TBD

  • Members will be able to participate in ScreenDoor driven surveys and calls to action.
  • The War Horse will begin accepting demographic data for verifiable Post-9/11 military and veteran suicides.

Stage IV: TBD

  • The War Horse will launch it's Open Source Data Initiative where we will launch interactive and searchable timelines of aggregated reports, studies, and news. Data will be processed and made accessible to the public for free. 
  • An Open Source FOIA repository will be launched on The War Horse that will allow for the public to access all of our acquired documents from federal agencies and individuals. We will encourage other military reporters and editors to add their data to our list—creating a "go-to" for released military documents and data at no cost. 

Stage V: TBD

  • The War Horse and The Echoes Project will begin publishing long-form investigative profiles about Generals and politicians who have been pivotal in Post-9/11 conflict. No stone will be left unturned. 

Throughout the phases of our launch, we will be utilizing crowd-funding, grants, sponsorships, and donations to fund our journalism, community, and database.