To provide focus, clarity, and insight into America’s longest-running wars by including all interested parties in an open and candid dialogue.


Journalism is about documenting the human experience. It is the act of listening, observing, recording, and publishing stories about people—and doing so fairly and accurately. The War Horse will be home to the most in-depth documentation of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Stories from individuals who were on the ground, the Generals who led them, and the friends and family who support them from home will provide context for thinking about these wars and the wars that haven't yet been waged. 

The War Horse will be the home for responsible reporting on and conversation about war, with the explicit intent of foster understanding. We will address with eyes wide open, one of the most debated topics in human history: 


We are and always will be nonpartisan. Our only objective is to explain war in a greater context than ever before by openly exploring current, ongoing conflicts in which the U.S. is engaged and by providing contemporary, contextualized stories and features for citizens and politicians to consider anew. 

We will accomplish this by collecting data en masse. Members are encouraged to submit pictures, videos, and written work from and about their experiences. We will ask members to provide the same for comrades who died at war and from war, as well as any information pertaining to battles large and small. This is the story of a generation galvanized by the events of 9/11 and all that has followed. 

We will provide the portal and the platform through which these stories will live forever.