Legal Documents

A generous donation from The Community and Small Business Clinic at Wake Forest University's Law School and Erik M. Pelton & Associates, PLLC provided The War Horse with many of our legal documents. The following documents are available free of use to nonprofit news outlets:

Conflict of Interest Policy
Whistleblower Policy
Procurement Policy
Policy on Editorial Independence
Articles of Incorporation
Document Retention Policy
Organizational Bylaws
Employment/Freelance Contracts
Logo Trademark
Slogan Trademark
Echoes Project Trademark
Secondary Slogan Trademark
Terms of Use*
Intellectual Property Patent*
Employee Handbook*
Privacy Policy*
Applicant Reference Release*
Injury Report Form*
Leave Request Form*
Performance Evaluation Form*
Termination Release*
Ethics Contract*
Independent Contractor Agreement*
Partnership Agreement Form*
Background Check Authorization*
Disciplinary Action Form*
Employee Self Review Form*
Exit Interview for Employees*
Internal Applications Form*
Job Postings Policy*
Non-Compete Agreement*
Professional Development Form*
Salary Analysis Form*
Sick Days Policy*
Telecommuting Policy*
Work Health and Safety Policy*
*Still in progress