Thanks to the generosity of the Craig Newmark Philanthropic Fund, the David and Reva Logan Foundation, and the Jon Logan Family Foundation, The War Horse team is excited to meet our future Chief Operations Officer — who will lead our executive team and manage our growing nonprofit newsroom. 

The War Horse is an award-winning nonprofit newsroom focused on the Departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs, and empowers veterans and civilians through storytelling about war and trauma. We are proudly nonprofit and maintain editorial independence from our donors.

Our Programs Promise:

  • Accountability: The War Horse provides a home for underrepresented voices to share insight-driven stories and provides a public service by holding the Departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs accountable to their duties through precise journalism.
  • Bridging the Military-Civilian Divide: The War Horse works to destigmatize trauma as a whole. Our team aspires to influence positive veteran reintegration by bringing their stories to the forefront of conversation.
  • Community: Through precise reporting, The War Horse will contextualize war and service as a whole, to create urgency around addressing military and veterans affairs. 

Our History:

Founded in 2015 out of concern over legacy media companies’ declining investment in high quality public affairs journalism about military and veteran affairs, The War Horse has grown to become a national leader in the military reporting community and received the 2017 Excellence in Features Journalism Award for Integrated Storytelling. In the last year, our work was featured in Vanity Fair, the Center for Investigative Reporting, and our reporting on Marines United changed military law AND influenced a unanimous House vote of 418—0 to criminalize nonconsensual and revenge pornography. To explore our impact, visit our interactive impact timeline.

The Chief Operations Officer of The War Horse will work alongside our Editorial Director and is responsible to the Publisher for the overall management of the nonprofit newsroom including program delivery, planning and execution, customer care, personnel management and fundraising that ensures annual budget is executable while ensuring compliance with board directives and applicable grantor, federal, and state requirements. 


  • Responsible for taking care of our growing network of employees, contractors, and freelancers. This includes developing and implementing performance management, reward and recognition, recruiting and retention, hiring and disciplinary actions.  Responsible for the appropriate coordination with the publisher to ensure we always treat our great team right.

  • Responsible for taking care of our customers, vendors and other nonprofit service providers and ensuring our services are delivered with integrity.  Responsible for responding to customer concerns and complaints in a proactive, responsive way.

  • The COO will work with the accounting and bookkeeping team to ensure proper reconciliation and tracking until The War Horse team expands to include our CFO.

  • The COO will develop and implement all office operations and monitor day-to-day internal functions. Responsible for maintaining up to date electronic and paper files of all program documentation.

  • Responsible for a monthly review of program performance with the team and reporting progress to the chairman of the board of directors. Will lead all business development initiatives.

External Relationship Development:

  • Manage and cultivate existing relationships with philanthropic organizations to secure/expand recurring revenue streams and grow our newsroom into a sustainable newsroom. Publicly represent The War Horse with the media and external constituency groups including community, governmental, and private organizations. 

Strategic Plan DEVELOPMENT:

  • Provide programmatic leadership and input for all strategic plan development and implementation processes. Coach program directors as they implement the strategic plan and program operations. Develop and implement a system for tracking and reporting on the progress of the strategic plan development and implementation.

  • The War Horse is well-capitalized. It has a strong philanthropic backing, ensuring a stable and growing annual budget. The War Horse's 2018 budget will be between $500,000 and $750,000. Within a five-year timeframe, the annual budget is projected to grow to $4,000,000, with a headcount of 30+. The Chief Operations Officer will have a strong voice in the development of our budget and the forging of our team.


This is an extraordinary opportunity for an individual with extensive program management experience to grow and develop an organization that has already made significant impact. A successful candidate will partner with the Publisher and Editorial Director to grow our small team into a sustainable multi-million dollar newsroom with more than 30 employees, contractors, and freelancers. 

Strong candidates will have 5+ years professional experience in organizational management, preferably in leadership roles; the ability to collaborate effectively while working independently; and experience working with board members, in nonprofit organizations, and in nonprofit fundraising is a plus, as is a passion for independent journalism and mission-driven work. An MPA or MBA is preferred.

To apply, submit your thoughts on our mission and the issues our newsroom explores. How can we improve? What is your vision for The War Horse?

Send your letter and resume to

No phone calls, please.