Thanks to the generosity of our donors, partners, and foundations, The War Horse team is excited to meet our future Chief Operations Officer — who will help lead our executive team and manage our growing nonprofit newsroom. 

The War Horse is an award-winning nonprofit newsroom that makes war personal by educating our readers about military service, war, and its impact on those who serve. We are committed to giving voice to the military and veteran communities, challenging stereotypes associated with military service, and holding accountable the federal institutions responsible for our nation’s defense and national security through the lens of the people who live those policies daily.

We proudly maintain editorial independence from our donors. At The War Horse, we don’t just accept difference—we support and celebrate it, and our newsroom and our community thrives on it. We want, in turn, to ensure that a wide variety of voices are present and represented in all that we do. We welcome all applicants regardless of race, color, ancestry, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, age, citizenship, marital status, income level, disability, gender identity, veteran status, or other personal characteristic.

Our Programs Promise:

  • In-Depth Reporting: The War Horse is preparing to grow our newsroom in 2019. To date, our reporting has been awarded for excellence and has led to changes in military and federal law. Our investigative reporting was awarded the American Legion Fourth Estate and Regional Edward R. Murrow Awards, and our work was highlighted in Columbia Journalism Review and on PBS NewsHour. As of September 2018, 101 service members have been held accountable by the Marine Corps for their participation in the non-consensual sharing of pornographic images of female service members. In 2019, we will begin publishing investigative reporting. To support that work and cement a path toward sustainability, we’re establishing a membership program alongside News Revenue Hub.

  • War Horse Fellows: During the last two years, The War Horse has published more than 130 reflections, which form the cornerstone of our newsroom and provide vital context for our reporting, and we continue to grow and develop our network of writers. Many of our stories come directly from our writing seminars, all-expenses-paid workshops centered around community building and training the next generation of war writers. We held two writing seminars in 2018—one for women veterans and the other for military spouses. In 2019, our team will host our Writing Seminar for Combat Medics and Corpsman.

Our History:

Founded in 2015 out of concern over legacy media companies’ declining investment in high quality reporting about military and veteran affairs, The War Horse has grown to become a national leader in the military and reporting communities. To date the newsroom has received awards for investigative reporting, multimedia storytelling, and business innovation. Our work has created international headlines and has been featured in Vanity Fair, the Center for Investigative Reporting, among others. Partners include Fortune 100 companies, Ivy League Universities, leading foundations, and philanthropists from around the world. Explore more about our impact.

The Chief Operations Officer of The War Horse will help lead and mentor our growing team and will be responsible to the Chief Innovation Officer for the overall management of the newsroom including program delivery, planning and execution, customer care, personnel management and fundraising that ensures annual budget is executable. The Chief Operations Officer will ensure compliance with board directives and applicable grantor, federal, and state requirements. 


  • Responsible for taking care of our growing network of employees, contractors, and freelancers. This includes developing and implementing performance management, reward and recognition, recruiting and retention, hiring and disciplinary actions. Responsible for the appropriate coordination with the Chief Innovation Officer and Board of Directors to ensure we always treat our great team right.

  • Responsible for taking care of our customers, vendors and other nonprofit service providers and ensuring our services are delivered with integrity.  Responsible for responding to customer concerns and complaints in a proactive, responsive way and with the guidance of legal counsel.

  • The Chief Operations Officer will work with the accounting and bookkeeping team to ensure proper reconciliation and tracking until The War Horse team expands to include a Chief Financial Officer.

  • The Chief Operations Officer will develop and implement all office operations and monitor day-to-day internal functions. Responsible for maintaining up to date electronic and paper files of all program documentation.

  • The Chief Operations Officer will be responsible for a monthly review of program performance with the team and reporting progress to the chairman of the board of directors. Will work directly alongside the Chief Innovation Officer to develop strategy and lead all business development initiatives.

  • The Chief Operations Officer will assist the Chief Innovation Officer with managing and cultivating existing relationships with philanthropic organizations to secure/expand recurring revenue streams and grow our newsroom into a sustainable newsroom. Publicly represent The War Horse with the media and external constituency groups including community, governmental, and private organizations, as needed until team expands to include Chief Communications and Chief Development Officers.

Strategic Plan DEVELOPMENT:

  • Provide programmatic leadership and input for all strategic plan development and implementation processes. Mentor program directors and other team members as they implement the strategic plan and program operations. Develop and implement a system for tracking and reporting on the progress of the strategic plan development and implementation.

  • The War Horse has a growing philanthropic backing, ensuring a stable and growing annual budget. The War Horse's 2018 budget was roughly $400,000. Within a five-year timeframe, the annual budget is projected to grow significantly. The Chief Operations Officer will have a prominent voice in the development of our budget and the forging of our team.


This is an extraordinary opportunity for an individual with extensive program management experience to grow and develop an organization with a years-long track record of significant impact and a growing leader in nonprofit news.

Strong candidates will have 5+ years professional experience in organizational management, preferably in leadership roles; the ability to collaborate effectively while working independently; and experience working with board members, in nonprofit organizations, and in nonprofit fundraising is a plus, as is a passion for independent journalism and mission-driven work. An MPA or MBA is preferred.

To apply, submit your resume to