Our reporting has changed military law and sparked federal investigations into sexual exploitation across the Defense Department. Our exclusive investigation into Marines United was covered by nearly every major global news outlet.


Bridging the Military-Civilian Divide

The War Horse is the only military-focused newsroom to partner publication with the Center for Investigative Reporting and Vanity Fair. Our stories ensure that those who are most affected by war continue to have a prominent voice in the national conversation.


Our writing seminars bring together world class journalists, authors, agents, and publishers with veterans and military family members for off-the-record Q&A. Our seminars are where the best writers of today pay it forward to the most promising military writers of tomorrow.



Our newsroom addresses the most Pressing issues affecting the military and veteran community

 (June 23, 2005) - ONBOARD THE USCGC EAGLE -  A U.S. Coast Guard Academy cadet takes the helm during a summer training patrol onboard the Coast Guard Cutter EAGLE. The three masted, square-rigged sailing vessel is normally homeported in New London, Connecticut, and sails each summer for months at a time, visiting ports around the U.S. and abroad. EAGLE has a long history in service as a training vessel. After she was built and commissioned in 1936, she served as training vessel for cadets in the German Navy. In the 1940s, EAGLE began service as a training platform for Coast Guard Academy officer candidates. Today, nearly all future officers have the opportunity to sail onboard the EAGLE, learning skills such as leadership, teamwork, seamanship, and navigation. (Coast Guard photo by Ensign Ryan Beck)

Sexual Trauma

Joy Craig hadn't wanted to spend her last morning of active duty reliving sexual assaults, but there she sat in the base NCIS office, talking with an agent. Our writers share some of their most traumatic memories through vivid first-person reflections.


Mental Health

William Gehrung was a veteran who'd written for The War Horse. In late August 2017, he killed himself. Fellow War Horse writer Nate Eckman wrote for us about the loss of his friend.

The Forever War

The U.S. government spends nearly $800 billion annually on defense and veteran affairs, which accounts for more than 60 percent of the U.S. budget. Yet investigative journalism about military and veterans issues makes up less than 5 percent of all news coverage. Our journalism is more important than ever.

We publish stories showcasing hope and resilience

Defying The Odds

The War Horse was given unprecedented access to document the recovery of the youngest living Medal of Honor recipient, Kyle Carpenter. By compiling doctors’ records, family photos, and videos, our team's intimate retelling of his wrenching story doesn’t fetishize the graphic details, but seeks to show Kyle’s grueling road to recovery. Our work with Vanity Fair was awarded for Excellence in Multimedia Storytelling in 2017.

 Daily life with the Ortiz Rivera family in Williamsburg, Virginia on April 16, 2016, nearly six years after the death of Javier Ortiz Rivera, who was killed in action in Afghanistan in 2010.

Finding Life and Love After Loss

Staff Sergeant Javier Ortiz Rivera was killed in Afghanistan on November 16, 2010. His two oldest kids, Alyssa and Andrew, were eight and five at the time. Our story followed their family's journey toward recovery.

"Emotionally Charged"

The Editor-at-Large of Vanity Fair described our reporting as "a piece that Vanity Fair is proud to have run, and that it exemplifies the highest values of journalism and of national service."



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Giving Voice to Survivors

Our reporting empowered thousands of survivors of sex crimes in the military and veteran community. Because of our exclusive investigation the non-consensual sharing of pornographic images was unanimously passed by the House of Representatives.


We Speak Truth to Power

Scandal after scandal, sexual predators in the military continue to harass and assault with impunity. Military brass pay lip service to eradicating the problem. Our reporters uncovered how Defense Department has skirted accountability for nearly 40 years.



Bridging the Military-Civilian Divide Through Storytelling


Challenging Stereotypes

Our Veterans Adding Value multimedia series focuses storytelling on positive transitions from military service into academia, entrepreneurship, and social impact work. The series aims to bridge the military-civilian divide through in-depth reporting and vivid storytelling.



Investing In The Next Generation of War Writers

Forging Community

Our writing seminars bring together world-class journalists, authors, agents, and publishers with veterans and military family members for off-the-record Q&A. Our seminars are where the best writers of today pay it forward to the most promising writers of tomorrow.